AOFM: The Aftercare

On the list of attributes of AOFM that means it is one of the top make-up school in london is that it offers unlimited free after care support sessions for all of it’s graduates. It’s very easy when you finish a make-up program to let your skills stay the same and to have the identical suggestions and inspiration. In vogue and makeup, you need have the latest skills, concepts and item otherwise you may become yesterdays news very, very swiftly. Because of this , a huge amount of credit should go in the direction of AOFM for delivering this sort of excellent service such as this. We’ll now check out a number of the great classes which have been supplied over time.

Dani Fonseca

Dani Fonseca is undoubtedly an absolute legend of the make-up community. For those who are not familiar with her (¬†for shame!), this woman is the make-up who provided that infamously genius look for Lady Gagas video “Born this way”. Throughout her class, she took all attendants through the method of implementing the make-up. Firstly, Dani drew the contour of the skull on the model with a unique tattoo pen & then applied the airbrush make-up. It really was a masterclass in airbrush makeup which is one particular the makeup courses in london that aofm offers.

Micheal Devellis

video-backgroundFormer Vice President and Artistic Relations for Makeup Forever USA Micheal Devellis helped form AOFm from the very beginning so it’s wonderful for him to visit every so often and impart his knowledge at a destination he helped to produce one of the greatest makeup schools in London. Michael has nearly 20 years experience. In the class, Michael did not merely teach the graudates in terms of makeup artists techniques, but aswell how to get by in the profession. Michael explained how it is crucial that you have particular business and networking abilities to make do in the market

Caroline Barnes

Caroline Barnes is another one of many extremely popular make-up artists who’ve provided after care at AOFM. Caroline is very knowledgeable in doing work for stars. Her collection of customers is a list of who’s who in the superstar world. Previous clients include Cheryl Cole, Naomi Campbell, and David Beckham. Caroline discussed a few of her experties with the group and provided many easy methods to get to the top of the sector just like she seems to have. It ended up being a fantastic encouragement to many of the graduate students to educate yourself from someone together with such a great benchmark of work who’s an idol to many potential make-up artists all over the world.